HOME Were there cave men in historic times ? The answer to that is an emphatic
yes. We have seen in the previous "Guildhall history" pages that some of the
stone age people still co-existed alongside that of the bronze industry
people and a typical example is that of the formorians in Ireland and indeed
some parts of Scotland. It must also be noted that some of the bronze age
rock carvings of Denmark for example have a striking similarity to the
cromagnon cave paintings in Spain and indeed in France. It is however
important to note in this respect that the people of the stone age and most
importantly the Paleolithic and Mesolithic industry people didn't always
live in caves . some of them notably the formorians of the Mesolithic
industry frequented river banks lakes and the sea shore being as they were
mainly fishermen and Hunter gatherers. The reference or  links page for this
is at www.xenohistorian.faithweb.com from Mr. Charles S Kimball who has
written some very interesting pages on the history of Europe. It must also be
noted here that the period called the stone age started in different times in
different parts of the world so that ultimately the further north people went
therefore the longest would take to reach places such as Britain and Ireland
while the middle East and Mediterranean countries  and also Assyria and Egypt
were well into the bronze and iron ages at the same time as Britain's first
inhabitants were plunged effectively into a stone age about the time of the
exodus from Egypt or shortly after in 2520 Am or 1484 BC. While there may
have been people in Britain and Ireland according to some researchers it is
not the priority of this current author to add to the date or chronology
here by given in the text as it would be most unwise to do so and ultimately
do the text great violence sot he time line here for Britain and Ireland is
the author insists the correct one ;and furthermore do we really need such
a long chronology for the period called the stone age again the present
author is in absolute agreement with other creationists in this matter and
there fore all long ages for the British and Irish stone age industries are
here rejected by this author and are here confined to industries only.


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