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The time is now overdue for a re-evaluation of the British chronology as
far as the stone age is concerned and this is for the benefit of young earth
creationists who might be teaching ancient British and Irish histories in
schools and especially in the classroom for educational purposes. That some
might say that the author is making wild allegations without proof this
present author doesn't doubt, but he has got all the evidence he needs from
certain web pages and can name some of the pre-historic monarchs from the
ancient British and Irish records of whom Geoffrey of Monmouth is a notable
example. There is indeed a need to reduce the British and Irish
chronologies drastically from the third and fourth millenia BC to annomundi
2520 or 1484 BC to begin our stone age period which combine the
palaeolithic mesolithic and neolithic ages which are here confined to
industries in one period called the stone age on Britain while at the same
time the Egyptians and Mesopotamia &c were well into the bronze and iron
ages and indeed the Exodus from Egypt ; A thought for the uniformitarian
evolutionist that would be too radical to contemplate but this author
insists must be contemplated as long as the task may take and how ever hard
the road ahead it must be achieved; so that people in the school colleges
and class rooms will know the true time line for Britain which this author
has based on Ussher's chronology of just under 3500 years ago or 1484 BC
ending with the introduction of the iron industry in 504 BC. The author will
also show that cavemen interacted  with the civilized world in historic
times so it must be borne in mind in this respect that the industry known
as the stone age started at different times in different parts of the world.
Author: JohnHXF.

Correspondence on the Paleolithic Industry

JHXF to Bryce C Clark

Dear Sir can you give me a post flood ice age date for the start of the
palaeolithic industry. Only as you know on my table I have them as
contemporary arriving in 1484 BC.  Some say that the neanderthal and
Swanscombe were in fact the formorians and descendents of Ham who preceded
the neolithic and if so did they arrive say 2000 BC on Ussher's time line
near the time of Abraham? John

I think your date of 1484 BC is probably accurate.  I no longer have access
to the material I referred to when I wrote the article on the various
movements of races and groups of people, since much of it came from various
University Libraries on loan.  For that reason I am not able to give you
much help.  Your chart falls into line with most of the dates with which I
am familiar, perhaps with slight variations here and there, and as you have
done a great deal of work on this matter you may be able to locate some of
the material quoted or referred to in my paper.  This may help you to more
closely determine the accuracy of what is being stated in the article.  My
emphasis was on who these people were, as much as we can tell, and not so
much on the various dates of the movements.

Respectfully yours,

>Bryce G. Clark