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Dear John,

I have been following with interest your progress
in establishing a timeline for the misty distant past.
Thanks for the picture of the red-haired Neanderthal
child; the message is already getting out.
Dr. Cuozzo's find of an Egyptian microcarving is a
call to begin investigating.  You already know well
the significance of Swanscombe.  In archaeology
and geology it is important to determine whether
evidence is original to a place and time or whether
it was brought in much later.  In the case of the
microcarving, the British governed the Middle East
for many years, and artifacts were brought back
to England.  The microcarving might or might not
have been one of them.  Having been found on
or near the surface, the possibility of recent
origin is enhanced.  Yet no conclusion should be
drawn now.  Let's see what else is waiting to
be found.  Good hunting, indeed.
Mike Fischer

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 15:50:00 +0000

Subject: Genealogy of Poseiden and Atlas

Darrell you say Atlas was borne (if my memory serves me correctly about 2280 BC and I think you said 2275 for Poseiden. Given we now have revised the genealogy of Ciocal Gricenchos back to 2250 BC to allow the time for a mature 200 yrs before Battle of Magithe ie 2225 BC would we have to also revise the Genealogy or chronology for Posiden and Atlas ? John

     My latest speculation is that Poseidon was born about 2300 BC +- 10 years and thus a life expectancy of about 400 years.  His son Atlas, I am speculating, was born between 2260 to 2270 BC and had a life expectancy of about 240 years.  Thus Poseidon would potentially live over 100 year past Atlas' death.
     Remember, 200 years is a rounded number.  It could be anywhere from 175 to 200 years.  Thus Ciocal was probably in the area some time between 2225 BC and 2200 BC.  If 2205 BC, it would make A.... the first discover - to test the soil and lay claim.  But anytime in there is possible.  We do not even have a second confirmation on this 200 years - Only one source.  With the limited information, we would not want him to be given credit for Ireland, but possibly northern Scotland which would have been an ideal fishing center.
     Assuming Ciocal was young at the time he first set foot in those parts, then 2250 to 2230 BC, depending on when he was actually there, would be the latest he could have been born and still be mature enough to lead the expedition.  This would place him in the 4th or 5th generation after Noah.  We know many of the name of the 3rd generation and Ciocal does not seem to match any of those.

Hi Dan Looks like Poseiden was borne in 2310 BC according to Darrell. I am also advised by Darrell to use 2225 BC for the start of Ciocal's Fishing/gathering industry being he was bourne ca 2250 BC making him 25 year4s old when he arrived in Northern Scotland as Formorie leader which I can tabulate for my website as the date for arrival in Northern Scotland leaving the other date of  2208 BC as the alternative chronology for passing through Ireland. Another history says that Ardena descovered Ireland in  2208 BC so wehave two abouts dates. One thing is for sure though. Besides the genealogy and the one tradition of Ciocal Gricenchos having at least passed through Ireland and not having had the fame or what ever you like to call it is the fact that "Fishing/Gathering " Flint tools and microliths have been found in Ireland and I think County Antrim which seem to testify to this tradition that either Ciocal Gricenchos passed through Ireland or it could have been the earlier "expodition" of the last survey team which Darrell informs me arrived in Ireland in 2248 BC or at least by that date which must have been Ciocal's father if he knew about the fishing site which he assigned to Ciocal. (Ciocal's father was Niel; whoever he might be). Now I am not sure how far Northern Scotland is from Ireland; but Ciocal must have come from Northern Scotland to invade Ireland by 2025 BC either overland or in boats or ships. Thus this last date of 2025 BC could be the date that testifies to the particular "fisher/gathering" flint industry which archaeologists call "Mesolithic". However I sugest that what ever archaeologists call it; it was in my view a mixed economey of farming and fisher hunter gathering so they must have had both industries especially as they built the village of Skara Brae between 2200 and 2000 BC give or take a bit. Being that this is a mystery it's interesting that we have some alterenative dates in place. But at the end of the day I think it is the best we can do under the circumstances. John


On Jan 23, 2008, at 8:44 PM, john hext-fremlin wrote:
Dear Bill and Dr Cuozzo it seems as though wehave broken some "ice " on Neanderthal ethnic origins. It seems as though Poseiden Darrell informs me was bourne 2300 BC plus ten years; and Atlas he speculates was bourne between 2260 and 2270 BC I'm also informed that the last world survey team descovered Ireland in
2248 BC and Ciocal Gricenchos bourne 2250 BC and went to the north of Scotland Darrell informs me to start his Fisher/Gathering industry by 2225 BC thus giving Ardena (according to Keating the honour of having descovered Ireland and testing the soil but he never returned. 2225 BC before Partholan means 200 yrs before the Battle of Magithe in 2025 BC. It thus seems as though the Neanderthals were of Caananite /Sidonian proto Phoenician origins. The evidense certainly seems to point that way as well as being some of the old men of Genesis 10. What do you reckon Dr Cuozzo? Bill I dont want to worry you with this too much but you have layed the ground work for this and it seems the Japethites displaced the Giant Caananite proto Phonician peoples. Not that the Neanderthals were particularly Giant but they were stocky and powerful. John 


On 1/24/08, Dr Jack Cuozzo wrote:

I have a microcarving that looks very Egyptian that I (my son)found on the upper field at Swanscombe UK ( now all a housing development ) in 1981 before all the new construction.This carving must be seen under the microscope to be understood in detail. I even had electron microscopic studies done on it. It is sone kind of a diety
Dr. Cuozzo
On Jan 23, 2008, at 9:22 PM, john hext-fremlin wrote:

Dear Dr Cuozzo having been informed by Darrell that the last world survey was in about 2260 BC then I would sugest (and here I'm speculating) that 2260 BC might well be the date that they came to the British Mainland and probably likewise Ireland . I might be wqrong but I reckon that if these first Egyptiens were Caananites and lost technology shall we infur by 2248/47 BC I would respectfully sugest then this concept would make it even more than a match. This Dr Cuozzo is a very interesting point you have made. Although Ciocal Gricenchos might not have been a Neanderthal I dont see why he should not have been related. It is also very likely as Darrell says that he built the village of Skara Brae in North Scotland. ca 2200 BC  though not earlier darrell advises me. I've got to say Dr Cuozzo that I'm absolutely over the "moon" with your Egyptien idea and it's a good one. I'll mail this to Dan Janzen and Mike Fischer.

Hi Dr Cuozzo that's most interesting. What material was the micro carving manufactured from? I would'nt mind betting that there is an Egyptien link to Poseiden from Sidonia. I'd go as far as to sugest that he might have even led the Egyptien expodition onto the British mainland in about 2260 BC before they lost technology in Peleg's day. Was the deity some form of animal engraving;because some of these carvings have been associated with "Acheulian" industry sites. Of particular interest here in this connection is the fact that the upper and lower gravel of the Thames at Swanscombe is I believe what Dan Janzen calls "The Hinterlands on the edge of the Ice sheet; although I could be wrong something tells me that I'm not wide off the mark so to speak. I also found a very interesting artifact made of flint with a hole drilled through the middle. Bill Cooper informs me that it is a fishing line sinker which I found here in Brocton near Stafford while doing some gardening work. I reckon that it could well be associated with Ciocal Gricenchos and his band of hunter/fisher gatherers who employed the "Mesolithic industry". You will be able to view this artifact on my website. Many thanks Dr Cuozzo for this interesting information. Please let me know if I can be of further assitance to you in your research. I'd love to meet you at some point in the future and maybe we can all do some "digging " together. I'd also like to take this oppotunity of wishing you all the very best with your research; so very good hunting:- John (For the "Genesis "X" Files")

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JXF and DF on UFOs etc

Happy new year to you, John.  Personally, I have seen enough evidence to agree that space aliens have had substantial interaction with Earth in the past, as bizarre as that may sound.  Regarding Ezekiel's vision and the Nephilim, these links are interesting:

If it happened, it happened, but such encounters have no relevance to the existence or power of God, for which there is far more evidence.  With that understanding, a search into the murky past is fascinating.

Good hunting,



Subject: The Genesis X Files

From: John hext-fremlin <>

Date: Thu, January 16, 2020 12:45 pm


John hext-fremlin <>

Jan 24, 2020, 7:13 PM (3 days ago)


Very interesting! Dear Mike  many thanks to you for this article on the Space ships of Ezekiel and the book of Enoch. I am almost tempted to have a bit of a dabble with the gap theory although I know for a fact our PDF does not allow for a gap; but as you rightly say it is interesting to speculate on the murky past.

In reality I can ownly go back as far as the pdf will allow me to go and that is in the historic framework that is allowed for the historic period Thus I can speculate that Satan became the "Prince of the Power of the air" within the 6000 year period allowed here for the historical record and cannot in all honesty exeed 6000 years. That there were and still are alien space ships I would certainly tend to aggree with you on as I believe the book of Ezekiel certainly seems to prove.

I would certainly be very interested in doing a serious study of the subject within a historical time frame starting about 6000 years ago and see where everything fits such as Aien abduction so all this would have happend about 6000 years ago or maybe 4004 BC but no earlier> I dont know whether or not Neanderthal=Nephilim as the Neanderthals were stricly post flood but I believe the giants came in the time of tubal cain perhaps arround 5000 years ago I dont know off hand however I do believe that the Nephilim giants were the resultof fallen angels or if you prefur Aliens marying the daughters of men. Once again Mike you make your script extreemly interesting and indeed one that I believe is very worthy of the "Genesis "X" Files" and on this one by no means least its author Mr Mike Fischer; so fornow Mike I'd like to wish you all the very best and just good measure as usual:- Very Good and exelent huntingJohn