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Ancient Man in Britain

(JXF and DW) 

Hi Darrell did you see my comments to Vern Criseler challenging him

to say when the supposed "Three Age System" started? I think he is

just plain wrong. Indeed Mr Macenzie in his "Ancient Man in Britain"

remarks on the "Ancient Marriners" and sais "Anyone who thinks that

the Ancient Marriners did'nt know about Metals would indeed be very

rash. I sugest that the Ancient Marriners = The Survey Teams headed

by Sidon on Navigation.


 Further Vern needs to realize that the survey teams had metal and

 implements of stone and flint. This is bourne out by Velekovskey's

 comments on Palaeolithic/Neolithic / Bronze Iron and steel industries

 simultaneousely on the river leana not far from where the arc landed.

 This was indeed in 2295 BC at the time of the survey teams. I don't

 like hissequential "Chest of Draws" type evolutionary set of cultures.

 Further More Donald A Macenzie's ideas are most interesting and 

conform with our creation history concepts.

 It is indeed my belief that the model that you and I have can be the

ownly correct one; as creation history again and again proves the

 archaeological sequencies and indeed the genealogies. Vern Criseler I

sugest needs challenging on what he calls the "Stratigraphy of the Archaeologists".

 His ideas contradict ours and it needs to be

challenged. John




 I did review and see your comments.

 There is a great deal of ideas out there which try to resolve the

 evolutionary with the creation views.  At least these guys are trying

 even if I agree with you that their results miss the mark by a

 significant degree. 

 I have appreciated your willingness to be open to lots of ideas, yet

 to challenge each with what we have established as reasonably certain.


 If you desire to challenge people, that is quite up to you.  I have

 had my fill of challenging people with the Anstey Chronologist.  Most

 people just want to believe what they want to believe - usually

 something they have invested time into.  And really do not want to be

challenged to consider alternatives.

 Best Wishes to you,



Auricnation Burial Custom Dated to 3400 BC By Mr Donald A Macenzie (Ancient Man in Britain)


Hi Darrell I have found something of the most profound interest in relation to Cromagnon Man of the 'Auricnation culture'. Mr Donald A Macenzie in his book 'Ancient Man in Britain' in the chapter on page

34 entitled 'The Age of the Red Man of Wales' has this to say about the burial customs associated with the Paviland cave Burial in Wales:- 'The Custom of burials with 'Green Basalt' is as old as the first dynasty in Egypt ca 3400 BC (cecularly dated by Mr Macenzie to 3400 BC which should be cecularly dated to 3200 BC=2189 BC for the founding of Egypt by Menes=Mizraem) and this was after the supposed last 'Land movement which Mr Mcenzie dates to arround 3000 BC = 2038/2035 BC.


This fits well with our discussion on the Ice Plannet Theory whichis supposed to have had a 'Flyby in 2191 BC at the time of the despersion from Babel. Thus I could bring this topic of converstion up in my History of Britain Scandenavia &c. As you say Darrell it seems as though visits to Britain by Madai were about 2254/2247 BC and that they entered the cave in Paviland (Wales ) about 2191 BC. What do you reckon on this Darrell? Especially the earliest World Survey teams in Avignon in 2295 BC. John


Most interesting, I will need to think this through at some point. 

 Keep up the research.

 Just a note:  You do make a lot of leaps of speculation it seems.  1)

 you state "expedition led by Madai" , but all we know from

 documentation is that Madai saw the land and did not like it.  It is

 my inference from the texts and history that suggests that it was NW

 Europe and my inference that he did not like it because of the

Glaciers covering the land.  It is possible that Madai led the

 expedition, but it is likely the Sidon's family was I charge of the

sailing - and a variety of leaders like Madai were along to view the

 territories assigned to them during the partitioning.  If so, then it

 was probably after the partitioning that Madai saw the land and did

 not like it.  The partitionings - 2242 BC and 2257 BC (if I remember

correctly) would have to occur first.  However, Madai could have been

traveling with the WST and seen it before the partitioning, but again,

I think it is unlikely that he led such WST.  Likewise you state:  2)

Madai visited Britain and entered the cave in Paviland.  This could

possibly be true, but it is based on the assumption that Madai led these Survey's.  It is just as likely that others did that and also possible that Madai didn't.

Also, I am not picturing land movements associated with the Ice Age

>melt down -- but obviously the coast lines and land levels changed

quite a bit during that time, so maybe that is what Macenzie was refering to.

I am not sure on the dates for the earliest WST, but the Avignon

region would likely have been one of the early places visited since

Sidon was founded on the Med. Sea and that would probably be surveyed

first.  I think

2295 BC would have been the earilest the WST's could have started due

to visibility of Stars, but about 2267 BC is more likely in my mind

for the full scale WS.

The connection with the first dynasty and customs of the times
 (if valid) ties the dating down quite nicely.  Nice research and interesting
thinking on your part.



Hi Darrell yes that is indeed most interesting. As you correctly say Sidon was also probably in the area at the same time. In View of the Red Ochre Body paint found at Paviland; it is just as probable that the Neanderthals got there first; Being as Dr Jack Cuozzo has found Red Ochre Paint in association with Neanderthal Burial Customs which is of particular interest in this connection. I'll certainly keep up the research Darrell Meanwhile Good Hunting and many thannks John.


Stonehenge and Man's obsession with the Planets



 Hi Darrell I'll keep my present time line for now on Stonehenge at

 time of Abraham (1996-1821 BC) as a memory of catastrophe at Babel

 2191 BC (which is my sugested magour course of Ice Age by

 disintegration of Ice Plannet) untill we can find when the first

 construction was done (2230 BC maybe). How will you do accurate

 radio carbon test for Stonehenge? John


 DW to JXF

 Hi John,


> > I aggree, there is no reason to update your time line.  All new

> > information is far to filmsy to suggest any revesions.

> >

> > I did not try to date when Noah started his Journey to Europe, but a

> > book on the Incas also suggests that he visited the Greek area before Babel fell.

> > I still find the references to his travels as quite questionable -

> > much of it appears fabricated - just speculation by a chronologist. 

> > However, I think they may have had access to some of Bersos' works

> > which are lost today.  Thus it is worth reading and comparing to

> > definite timelines.

> >

> > It will be hard to ever figure out stonehenge.  Radio carbon testing

> > would have to be on some living remains - not stones or impliments. 

> > It would also have to be on the oldest such remains.  There is no

> > guarentee that the original remains exist or if they exist, that

> > they will be found.  Hopefully additional historical references

> > might help.  As it is right now, that is, based on the information

> > we have, anyone of three possibilities exist and even they could be

> > way off.


> > Fortunately, we have historical records of the earliest

> > colonizations of Ireland and Scotland and we have site which are

> > clearly the earliest settlements.  This makes for a relatively easy

> > identification.  Same for Tier in Germany.  If we can find the same

> > types of information from France, then we might be able to trace

> > movement of the Celtic population.  We have historical references

> > suggesting they first colonized on the Rhone near the Med. Sea., and

> > then moved north.  Can you check for the most ancient towns in

> > France.  It may impact the history of southern Britain significantly.



JXF to DW>

I aggree Darrell; since the celts and druids are the best possible fit

> we have;; I don't reckon anythiing would be achieved (although I

> would'nt steak my life on it) by going back into the deep Prehistoric

> "Mists of Time" and as you correctly say "No Traces of metal weopenry

> &c" might be found to match this time peiod . As for Samothes I reckon

> being he and his group were hunter gatherers (Late Palaeolithic

> industries) I found the best possible fit was Holinshead's chronicle

> and Milton who both have him arriving in England arround 2148 BC 200

> after the flood and also Albion who both confirm that he ruled Britain

> for 44 yrs thus 2088 to 2044 BC. As for radio carbon dating stone

> tools like you say cannot be dated. I sugest on the contrary the tools

> and arrow heads etc were found at Durrington Walls (Stonehenge's

> Neolithic village or city however you would like to interpret it) and

> Durrington walls is dated to ca 2600 plus years BC and were

> contemporary. Thus if you like in conclusion the Village dates the

> stone tools and artifacts in Ussherian chronology thus 1996 to1821 BC

> at time of Abraham


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A Proposed Neanderthal /Auricnation Enterprise


Hi Darrell Most interesting you should propose Sidon in charge of the
sailing (Which is exactly what the Phoenicians did) and would suspect
they were mining for copper and tin maybe even iron in Cornwall Thus
as we have allready seen Cichol colonised Northern Scotland in 2225 BC
200 before Battle of Magithe.

Thus if they were in Scotland who's to say they were not at Paviland
slightly before the Cromagnon (Mind this is speculation) However given
that Red Ochre Paint was a burial custom associated with the
Neanderthals according to Dr Jack Cuozzo then who's to say that the
Cromagnom met the Neanderthals and maybe shared the same cave
together. If so this would have been a joint enterprise by Madai and
Neanderthal Chieften Cicol Gricenchos. 




Yes, my assumption is that certain grandsons of Noah specialized in Navigation and would have been
in command of the ship (and possibly the survey). I then assume that since Sidon became known for his
sailing ability and since the Chinese had great sailors early on - they surveyed the west coast of North America -
then they were probably the ones who commanded the navigation of the ships during the survey period.
Since China was so far away, only Sidon became symbolic of the Sea in Western Culture.
These are only inferences from reasonable assumption, thus just intelligent speculation

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Palaeolithic and Neolithic Tools Post Flood

>JXF to JM

Hi Jacquey according to Mr Donald A Macenzie the Auricnation
> (Cromagnon) Burial custom is as old as the first dynasty in Egypt
> under Menes (Misraem) which he has dated to c 3400 BC but if secularly
> dated should read 3200 BC which according to Darrell in Ussherian
> chronology should be 2189/2188 BC. Thus this enquirey reveals that the
> Auricnation Cromagnon people were post flood and settled in caves in
> Britain arround 2191 BC according to Darrell's and my research which
> would make them pre and post Babel during the rappid post flood ice
> age.
> As for "Permian " Man the dinosaurs were contemporary (if looked at
> from a young earth creationist point of view) with mankind from
> creation in 4004 BC. John

>> did you see this earlier?
>> Anyway, Based on Biblical Enoch and also Egyptian texts that reference
>> books of wisdom from heaven such as those which Echoch transcribed,
>> I'm still supporting the belief that all knowledge mankind has was
>> given to man at the time of creation and that Enoch helped in getting
>> it all penned on paper on earth! Therefore, in my mind, it makes sense
>> at any given time any of these industries would have been around,
>> being carried to more or less degree by different peoples based on
>> what materials were available to them/ survival circumstances/ how
>> nomadic they were, how much trade they did with other communities,
>> etc. And therefore, as we see in Britain vs Mediteranian areas, we may
>> have increases or declines in technologies even within the same
>> communities at different times.
>> I do believe, however, that it also makes sense what you're saying
>> about many people re-gaining! this knowledge of industries POST flood,
>> and it taking a time for these things to be re-learned by the
>> generations that have to basically start the world all over again!!!
>> Thanks John! Still working on a timeline of of my own so to speak.
>> Take care! and many blessings!
>> Jacquelyn

>> JM to JXF
>>> Hi there again John. I'm sorry I've taken so long to email back. :) I'm
>>> just getting back to reading more on all of this and considering more on the
>>> timelines. I've been giving myself a break from pretty much everything
>>> because of some medical issues lately that I've been dealing with...so my
>>> energy was directed to health!
>>> I'm at work at the moment but I will email you again soon!! I think I have
>>> a couple of questions to pose to you, which i'll do at that time. Thanks
>>> always for your emails.
>>> Be Blessed,
>>> Jacquelyn
>JXF to JM

>>>> Hi again Jacquey you may be right about the Neanderthals being Cain's
>>>> offspring dying in the flood; However there do seem to be some
>>>> "mittigating circumstances" that would propose that a worldwide
>>>> destroying flood of this magnitude would have destroyed everything
>>>> that went before it in the antedeluvian world.
>>>> Thus anything like cave wall paintings flint tools &c may not have
>>>> survived the flood and therefore would have to be re-dated to post
>>>> flood and indeed post Babel times not forgetting that the exact date
>>>> for the flood was annomundi 1656 or 2348 BC on Ussher's time line.
>>>> Please note that it is not me who has placed the Neanderthals
>>>> preflood; it is the website which I have mentioned to you (The Apple
>>>> of God's Eye Website) which allthough interesting I would have serious
>>>> problems with.
>>>> I have equated Albion and Cichol with the Neanderthals as my
>>>> industries chart suggests with the Palaeolithic/Neolithic/Bronze Iron
>>>> and Steel Industries going way back to the time of the survey teams at
>>>> 2295 BC. Some of these contemporay simultaneous industries have been
>>>> found on the Leana River near Russia not far from where Noah's Arc
>>>> landed plus Sidon and his phonician cannanites heading up the
>>>> navigation in the West.
>>>> Thus the world survey teams would have had stone and metal tools as
>>>> well untill some of the technology was lost at Babel. Maybe my
>>>> timeline matches as well as possible with yours. Perhaps you may be
>>>> able to send me your interpretation of an industries chart. Look
>>>> forward of your company again soon ; Good Hunting John


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'The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended'

JXF and LP

Hi Larry I have ordered a copy of your book from Answers in Genesis
in Leicester. I know you talk about inventions of Bronze and Iron
after the flood but particularly more so after Babel. Should not this
be the Re-introduction of Bronze and Iron working? Tubal Cain was the
first to work with Bronze Iron and other metals untill some of the
technology was lost during the Ice age after Babel. John

Likely most of the technology was lost after the flood. What little
survived would only be among the Semitic people who had writing. The
other nations did not have writing for at least a 1000 years after the
flood. No writing equals no history! Witness the North American
Indians or the Australia aborigines. When you read the book you will
realise that most of the ancient history is based on fables.
Archaeology thrives on conjectures and has constructed a history as
substantial as a house of cards.

... Larry Pierce

Hi Larry that's most interesting. I think Vern Crisler is saying
exactly the same thing as you. However I look forward very much to
reading this book; and as you say no written records=no history; so
could therefore be rendered as Pre-historic in that particular sense
of the word. What is interesting is that according to Dr Velecovskey
is that there were people living on the Leana River in or near present
day Armenia or Russia not far from where the arc landed who were
living simultaneously side by side each other making implements and
weopens of stone; Bronze and Iron somewhere arround 2295 BC and would
have been the earliest World Survey Teams. According to Michael J Oard
the Ice age started immediately after the flood ca 2347 BC. A good
question would be is how civilizesd were the ancient Egyptians at the
time of the Exodus; and it also begs the question Did they have any
form or records in writing? John

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Etruscan Link?

DW and JXF

Hi Darrell I have also found the the City of "Tuskany". Does this and
the Etruskans have any link to Avignon. At present I am reading and
studying a book on the Ancient Etruskans and very interesting it is
too. Meanwhile Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year and
Good Hunting:- John

Hi John,

Yes that sound very exciting.

It has been a while since I studied that area.
But my memory tells me that they were from a different family tree
than the French. Avignon would be a port city giving access by river
to the French settlement in the Paris basin. (and some to the family
line which settle Tier). Hopefully they where on friendly terms with
the Etuskans since no one was on someone elses territory.

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 Hi Darrell; I could highly recommend this book to you as I have got

 the actual book by Donald A Macenzie with a forward  by proffesso

 G.Elliot Smith whos says there is nothing of technical perdantory in

 Mr Macenzies writing but has made himself thouroughly aquainted with

 the customs &c of the History of Ancient Man as it affects Britain.

 I have here an interesting link for you Darrell as I think you will

 agree with me that he has certainly given a very honest evaluation

 as he sees it especially of the age of the red man of Paviland. Thus

 the link is



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Survey Teams in Avignon

 Hi Darrell would the earliest survey teams been in Avignon in 2295 BC?

 maybe the later ones of 2254 to 2250 BC may fit best as this might be

 in line with the travels of Noah or as you say after 2191 BC at the

 time of Samothes 2135 BC ? John

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Hi Darrell have you got round to reading that page that you said you

> found on Avignon? How do we reconcile their date of 4000 BC for the

> Neolithic coloney to Ussherian chronology? And what of the people who

> were there in their chronology at 2000 BC who used brass and copper

> tools? Were they the Essenes? Were they what are called the Etruskans?


Not a simple translation since we have few radiocarbon dates synchronized with any known dates before the dispersal.  If 3200 BC == 2200 BC real time, and most all radiocarbon formed after the flood then 4000 BC might be about

2250 BC or so -

obviously it would have to be no earlier than the time of the world survey.


However, I would suspect the RC date as in error in the first place - we must know quite a bit about how it was established before an estimated translation is possible.

Since a community existed, it was probably after 2200 BC - more the time of Samothes.


Essenes -- why would we think that?  NO I don't think so.

Etruskans -- they are at least close to that area - so a possibility, but I do not yet have enough data -- so any such ID is pure speculation at this time.

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Etruscans and Avignon?

Hi Darrell I have also found the the City of "Tuskany". Does this and

>> the Etruskans have any link to Avignon. At present I am reading and

>> studying a book on the Ancient Etruskans and very interesting it is

>> too. Meanwhile Merry Christmass and all the best for the New Year and

>> Good Hunting:- John


Yes that sound very exciting.

It has been a while since I studied that area.

But my memory tells me that they were from a different family tree than the French.  Avignon would be a port city giving access by river to the French settlement in the Paris basin.  (and some to the family line which settle Tier).  Hopefully they where on friendly terms with the Etuskans since no one was on someone elses territory. 

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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